Saturday, 18 January 2014

Revlon Lip Butters

Hello how's your week been. 
I recently put my self on a lipstick buying ban. It was going well until I went shopping. Ahh why don't I have any will power it is so damaging to my purse.

I bought was a Revlon Lip Butter in the colour Berry smoothie. It is a gorgeous pinky purple. You can put on a thin layer and make it sheer and shiny or you can build it up to make quite a intense colour. My justification for buying this was that I wanted to add it to my Revlon lip butter family as I have 3 and I don't like odd numbers, please say I am not alone in my hatred of odd numbers. I really love Revlon Lip Butters they are just so smooth to apply, plus they have a really great shade range. Which is always a winner in my books. I would say this one and Red Candy Apple which I also have can be built up to be very opaque. Whereas I also own Cotton Candy which is less opaque and gives an amazing sheer colour to your lips. I also have my eyes on Tutti Fruity and Pink Truffle.

They cost £7.99 which for a high street lipstick is not bad, its obviously not as cheap as say Barry M or Collection lipsticks, but having said that I would defiantly buy more of these. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the packaging, it is good as they have clear top which you can see the colour which makes grabbing them in a hurry easy. Then on the other hand and I don't know if it is just me but I find them really difficult to open, so I always end up chipping my nail varnish. Does anyone else get that?  Anyway that is me really picking flaws. 

Revlon Lip Butters are hands down in my top three high street lipsticks!
If you have any other colour recomendations please comment below

Lots of love

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My new phone case

I have been needing a new phone case for a while but I have been spoilt for choice. I mustn't be the only one who gets overwhelmed with the amount of choice you have. I knew I wanted to spend a bit more for something that when I looked at it, it would make me smile. I also wanted to incorporate a literary quote as I am doing A-level English literature, and people say I am hard to please!

I bought this one from which is one of my favourite websites for one off personalised pieces that you don't really see anywhere else. Well done Harriet clues in the name, but you know what I mean. 

You are a wonderful creation.
You know more than you think you know,
Just as you know less than you want to know 
Oscar Wilde 
I chose this quote as it really makes you think I don't think Oscar Wilde could have summed up the importance of learning in a better way. I also think it is quite a motivational quote that inspires thought. My phone is usually the first think that I see in the morning so I think seeing a positive quote like this will get my day off to a good start! 

Lots of love 

This post is not sponsored 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Lush purchases

Lush is my go to bath bomb shop, I am obsessed. I have had mock exams all week that have been pretty stressful so I thought I would treat myself. 

I picked up some all time favourites of mine and also some new ones to try.

The Comforter is my absolute favourite bubble bar it costs £4.50 and lasts me about four baths. It makes beautiful smelling bubbles and makes the water a pinkish colour. The smell of this is sweet and fruity and is well worth £4.50. 

Honey Bee I really hate honey, I just don't like the taste or smell of it in any way, but this has to be one of the best things I have ever smelt. I wouldn't really say it smells honey it smells fresh and sweet. This is a bath ballistic which means it will fizz make your bath smell gorgeous. I believe the price of this was £3.25 and this will probably last me about two baths  as I will cut it in half.

Avobath this is another one I have never tried but I just loved the colour of it, mint green is my favourite colour at the moment. It has olive oil in it so I think it will be quite moisturising and nourishing. This is also a bath ballistic and costs £3.25.

Rose Queen this one looks so pretty and pink I also love the smell of roses. I think it is quite a marmite smell as you either love it or hate it. My little sister said it smelt like a granny whereas I thought it was really fresh and has a beautiful fragrance. So I would defiantly smell it before you buy it. This is a bath ballistic and cost £2.75.

Karma this is another old favourite of mine. If you want something that is going to help you get to sleep this is definitely what I would recommend. It's got quite a spicy fragrance compared to all of the other ones but is not over bearing. It is a bubble bar and costs £3.25.

What are your favourite lush products?
Lots of love 

New note book

I write in a diary every year, I write about my thoughts, feelings and things that have happened to me that day.

I went into paperchase to get a notebook because I feel like they are the raining champions of stationary. So I went in knowing I would be able to find one I love. I saw this one and thought it was soo cute. Just look at it it's so beautiful!!!! And glittery. I am actually considering getting it in gold and blue as well. Is that bad?

I am also going to have a little blogging section in there because this year I am going to post at least once a week. Witness that I said that so I don't go back on my word, because knowing me I will stick to that for a month and then give up. So I am going to be strict with myself. 

What are your New Years resolution?

Lots of love 

This post is not sponsored I just love paperchase

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Tiny nail varnish haul

Hello long time no see, and happy new year I guess. Wow its 2014 already ahhh how fast did 2013 go. 2013 started of well for me, but it wasn't the best year I have ever had, but I have every hope that 2014 will be great! 

I decided to brave the sales and ventured into town to spend my vouchers. I went into Boots with the intention to get a mascara but you know how Boots is you go in for a mascara and end up buying much more than you originally intended. Any way I treated myself to these two nail varnishes. I have to hold my hands up and say these are my first ever essie nail polishes I have ever bought, and I can truly say I was really impressed. They are slightly more pricey than Barry M as essie polishes cost £7:99. The two polishes I picked up were Sole Mate which is a deep berry colour and A Cut Above which is a pink rose gold glitter top coat. 

On my nails I have Barry M Lychee with A Cut Above on top of it. I really love this combination I think it looks like I went to a lot of effort, when actually I put in no real effort at all (which is great for people like me who are lazy pushed for time like me)

See you soon