Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My new phone case

I have been needing a new phone case for a while but I have been spoilt for choice. I mustn't be the only one who gets overwhelmed with the amount of choice you have. I knew I wanted to spend a bit more for something that when I looked at it, it would make me smile. I also wanted to incorporate a literary quote as I am doing A-level English literature, and people say I am hard to please!

I bought this one from which is one of my favourite websites for one off personalised pieces that you don't really see anywhere else. Well done Harriet clues in the name, but you know what I mean. 

You are a wonderful creation.
You know more than you think you know,
Just as you know less than you want to know 
Oscar Wilde 
I chose this quote as it really makes you think I don't think Oscar Wilde could have summed up the importance of learning in a better way. I also think it is quite a motivational quote that inspires thought. My phone is usually the first think that I see in the morning so I think seeing a positive quote like this will get my day off to a good start! 

Lots of love 

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