Friday, 26 July 2013

Holiday post Singapore

I thought about doing another lifestyle post as I enjoyed writing the first one so much. I thought I would so one on my holiday so if you are going to Singapore and want some ideas of where to go or maybe you are like me and love having a nosy and want to see I am doing. This post is for you. 

Here are a few if the pictures I have taken while I was out, I am really sorry about the quality as they were taken on my iPhone. Brace yourself. 

We went to the beautiful botanic gardens. I am not usually the kind if girl that loves looking around gardens on holiday, to be honest I would rather be at the pool relaxing. They are so amazing though I recommend if you ever go to Singapore you should have a look. If it is good enough for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge it's good enough for me. Plus entry is free what more could you ask for...

Next we went to the world famous orchard road. One of the longest rows of shops and malls ever. Plus what makes its amazing is it has a Sephora, talk about retail therapy, but  clothes are very expensive so we limited our spendings.

  Lastly we went to one if my favourite restaurants ever Din Tai Fung. They do the most amazing dish which I am going to attempt to type as it is in Chinese and I know auto correct in the iPhone is good but it's not that good. They are little dumplings with soup inside them and they are truly addictive!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Okay I am currently sat thinking of a way to write this without getting too carried away and going into full on rant mode! My camera has broke and is now refusing to charge. Brilliant. Just what I need the day before I go on holiday. I won't be able to post while I am on holiday so if you want to know what I am getting up to you can check out my blogs Instagram: kosmetickaleidoscope. Sorry for my camera I will post it as soon as my camera is fixed even if it means that I am sat in some Internet cafe in Indonesia when I should be in the sun. 

See you soon 

Harriet x

Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer stunners part 1

 I always struggle what to pack on holiday, I am the kind of gal who likes to duplicate and take about 6 blushers, 2 foundations and more. This year I am flying so I have to abide by pesky airline weight limits, and there is nothing more annoying than when you are just about to check in and the person before you is over the limit. We've all been there as they try to distribute the weight desperately while showing the contents of their case to the whole airport. Not cool. 

This part (1) is going to be on my summer stunner make up. 

Mascara- my favourite mascara that can take you from the day time to the night time. Thick and Fast by soap and glory, I love this mascara it gives you big long fluttery lashes, but can be built up to give really thick full lashes.

Foundation- I have a new found love for the Bourjois healthy mix serum, it has light to medium coverage and smells amazing, plus it lasts along time on my skin even with some sunscreen over the top if it.

Concealer- collection 16 hour, covers spots hides bags and blemishes what ever it is this hides it! The skin on my face is very sensitive to some sun creams and this makes me break out. Ugh, perfect because you know that when you get back from holiday everyone will want to see pictures and hear about what an amazing time you have, there is nothing worse than having a huge zit the size of France on your forehead.

Eye shadows- I take my MUA heaven and earth pallet it is so easy as all of the colours go together really well so I don't have to spend precious beach time thinking about what eye shadows I should wear and which ones go together.

Blusher, highlighter and skin finish- Mac light year, this product is so amazing in the summer as it gives a slight shimmer to the skin, but doesn't leave your face looking like a disco ball, because nobody wants that! The colours are all quite light so I think give a easy, natural holiday makeup look.

Lips- I always take two products on holiday a lip gloss/ Carmex for the day and a lipstick for the night. The lipstick I am taking is a Kate Moss Rimmel London one in the shade 16. This is my new favourite summer colour that I can't wait to wear with a bit of a tan. 

This is a distilled version of what makeup I will be taking to Malaysia with me if you have any other recommendations of what I should include please tell me, I have a horrible feeling I have forgotten something .....

See you soon
Harriet x

Thursday, 11 July 2013


This  post is a little bit late as my prom was actually on the 28th June, but hey better late than never I guess. Prom has always been one of those events that I just couldn't wait to happen, to say that I was excited was a bit of an understatement! I believe that it is very important as it gives you something to look forward to during exams also its a brilliant excuse to buy new "prom" makeup. 

I am wearing...Dress-Debut at Debenhams, Jewelry-Coast and Bag-Accessorize

I went to prom with my best friends Ellie, Louise, Helena, Hannah and Maddie. We struggled in what type of transport we should arrive in so we went for the original easiest option of a Limo. I had never been in one before but as soon as I stepped in it I felt like someone from gossip girl or my big fat Gypsy wedding, maybe a bit of a mixture between the bot of them. I LOVED it and I would highly recommend that you go in a limo at least one in your life they are so much fun!

When we got to prom we saw all the boys looking very dapper in their suits and all the girls looked stunning in their dresses. I had a little bit of a breakdown in the limo as I looked out the window and saw about 200 people all there to see people arrive at prom. I was so lucky that Ellie was the first one to get out!

We all had so much fun and I danced until my feet bleed, yep that's right I was only there for 3 1/2 hours and I ruined my feet. DAMN you heels! Apart form that it was a truly memorable night that I wouldn't change for the world. Bleugh, I know cheesy cliche but its true. 

Have you had your prom yet, if so comment below telling me what yours was like....


Avon freeze dry spray

First of all I have to say that I am feeling very guilty as I haven't posted anything in a while, I know you don't want to hear excuses, but I have had a very very busy few weeks! I have prom, a trip to Thorpe park, trip to Liverpool and have just got back from a holiday with my best friends. I hope you will forgive me and keep your eyes peeled for a few lifestyles posts of what I got up too. Ooo mysterious. 

Ok picture this, you have over sleep, your in a hurry to get to wherever it is you want to go. You stretch and BAM what do you see, your chipped nails looking back at you. Now this would usually be a complete utter disaster as the time taken for you to pain a base coat, then the colour and then a top coat would take about 10 minuets. On top of that you have also got to wait for them to dry. This is just hassle I do not need when I am in a hurry! 

There is a product that promises to help dry you nails and stop then from smugging, enter  Avon nail exerts freeze dry spray. I really love this product as I can just spritz it quickly over my nails and it helps to speed up the time it takes for them to dry.

This product is very easy to use though it can be very greasy on your hands therefore meaning the bottles gets slippy and spraying your right hand becomes a little more of a challenge. That is only a minor set back for a product that I think works this well and helps save a hell of a lot of time. It is also on offer on the Avon website for just £3.

What do you think of this spray?, if you have used it i would like to know your thoughts on it......