Friday, 26 July 2013

Holiday post Singapore

I thought about doing another lifestyle post as I enjoyed writing the first one so much. I thought I would so one on my holiday so if you are going to Singapore and want some ideas of where to go or maybe you are like me and love having a nosy and want to see I am doing. This post is for you. 

Here are a few if the pictures I have taken while I was out, I am really sorry about the quality as they were taken on my iPhone. Brace yourself. 

We went to the beautiful botanic gardens. I am not usually the kind if girl that loves looking around gardens on holiday, to be honest I would rather be at the pool relaxing. They are so amazing though I recommend if you ever go to Singapore you should have a look. If it is good enough for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge it's good enough for me. Plus entry is free what more could you ask for...

Next we went to the world famous orchard road. One of the longest rows of shops and malls ever. Plus what makes its amazing is it has a Sephora, talk about retail therapy, but  clothes are very expensive so we limited our spendings.

  Lastly we went to one if my favourite restaurants ever Din Tai Fung. They do the most amazing dish which I am going to attempt to type as it is in Chinese and I know auto correct in the iPhone is good but it's not that good. They are little dumplings with soup inside them and they are truly addictive!

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