Sunday, 27 July 2014

Tanning Tools

So this post is for the people who do not tan or need a bit of help with the tanning process. Fake tanning can be one of the most unforgiving things ever, but if you follow a routine before you tan it can be really easy trust me. 

You need to exfoliate really well first, this remove all the dry skin and dead skin that the fake tan will cling to. I like to use this exfoliating glove from Soap and Glory as it is really easy to use and give you a lot of control where you exfoliate as other exfoliating products can be a bit messy. Area I would recommend exfoliating the most are your legs, ankles, arms, elbows and knees. 

Once you've done this you need something to nourish the areas you have exfoliated, I like the Fake Bake Skin Smoothie. I spray this on dry area like my knees, ankles and elbows immediately before I fake tan. It helps the fake tan to glide over these problem areas and leaves them with the perfect amount of tan on them. It is also a dry oil so it isn't greasy as other oils tend to be. It also has a really fresh tropical fragrance that takes away the smell that some fake tans tend to have. Now your ready to tan! I recommend using a tanning mitt so you don't end up with orange hands, because that is never really a good look!

Lots of Love

Sunday, 20 July 2014

One for the nail biters

So this post is for the nail biters among us, I will hold my hands up and say that I have been a nail biter from the grand age of 3. I try to resist it, but when I get stressed, nervous or sometimes bored the nail biting monster rears it's ugly head and before I know it I have no nails. 

I have always been on the look out for solutions and here are a few that work for me. 

Painting your nails
Go on give yourself a manicure, attempt some nail art. If I spend a lot of time and effort doing my nails the last thing I want to do is ruin them by biting my nails. I would recommend painting your nails with  a light maybe pastel coloured nail varnish as it is a bit more forgiving then a darker colour that will fully draw attention to the length of your nails.

Wear gloves while watching TV or when you could be bored 
As I said a lot of my nail biting stems from boredom especially when I am watching TV. So although it may look soft of you wear gloves it means you cannot get to your nails so they say intact 

Google nail biting 
Go on I dare you, this will seriously make you think before you put your nails into your mouth. You would be surprised of the horrors that lurk underneath your nails.

Buy some false nails
I would reserve this one for holidays or special occasions, if you get some false nails put on you wont be able to bite your nails. It might just help you get out of the habit. 

I hope these tips have helped you out 

Lots of love 
Harriet xxxx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Holiday Make Up look-Day time

My day time holiday/summer make up look is very minimal, and when I say minimal I mean minimal! I like to wear a fresh faced look during the day as it isn't high maintenance and I can focus on enjoying my holiday and not have to keep retouching my make up. I don't dare go fresh face, so wearing a bit of makeup helps boost my confidence. 

I used the Maybelline Great Lash mascara. It is not the most volumising mascara but it is really good at separating and lengthening the lashes while keeping them looking pretty natural. 
I then use Clarins Super Restorative tinted moisturiser. This provides a super sheer coverage and blurs over all your imperfections. It also has factor 20 in it to protect your skin. I also really like that it has a pump so you can easily control how much product comes out.
I cannot wear just tinted moisturiser on its own as I have a few blemishes that it just wont cover. So I used Seventeen Phwoarr paint, this stuff doesn't budge and is matte so it lasts all day. 
I then just powder using the old trusty Rimmel Stay Matte, you know the drill so my face stays where it should be.
I then put the Maybelline Peach Baby Lips on so my lips feel moisturised and still have a bit of shine to them. 

I also braided my hair to keep it off my face, and off my neck because you know when it gets hot people sweat and your neck is one of the places that gets the hottest so you don't want your hair sticking to it as that is horrible. 

Lots of Love 
Harriet xxxx

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Holiday Make up look- Evening

I don't tend to wear much make up on holiday unless its in the evening so here is my favourite evening make up look. I have to admit this look is hugely inspired by the beautiful Tanya Burr, her make up is always flawless and she always looks stunning. I love her tutorials as they are quite easy to follow and she usually gives you high street products that you can substitute in for the high end ones. So if you are a bargin hunter like me I suggest you check them out.

I used my favourite foundation in my tanned colour, Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation in 52 Vanilla. It provides a medium coverage and has no SPF for pesky flash back in your holiday snaps. 
On my eyes I have the eye shadow called Honey Bronze from my Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette. I haven't spoken much about this palette before, but I think the colours provide a beautiful shimmery wash over the eye without them being too OTT. 
I then powder with my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, to make sure i'm not shiny and so my make up stays where I want it to. 
I then put on a few coats of L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara.
On my lips I have the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in shade 16, but this wasn't enough so I put a bit of Tanya Burr's Lip gloss in Picnic in the Park on top. These colours go together so well and really compliment each other.

Lots of love 
Harriet xxx

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Holiday skin care

Flying, the concept of it actually strikes fear in me. Not for the obvious reason, but because of air line limits! I have never been good as packing "lightly". I literally pack the kitchen sink and the fridge and who knows what else. This year will be different as I am using my clear make up bag as a measure, if it doesn't fit it need getting rid off. Harsh but it needs doing. So here are the skin care essentials, excluding sun cream. 

Nice and Easy dual action oil free moisturiser. Having oily skin finding the right moisturiser can be a actual nightmare as they often break me out or sit on the skin forever and refuse to sink in. This sinks in quickly also it makes my skin feel all tingly. It's one of those moisturisers that when it sinks in your skin looks amazing and fresh. 

Skin Clear Deep Cleanser. I cannot count on one hand how many bottles of this. I am obsessed! When I get near the end of a bottle I actually get a bit panicky that I need to get another one I also try to plan my day about passing a Boots to pick another one up. It helps with break outs and doesn't dry out my skin. 

Spot cream
Avon Skin Clear treatment. This is amazing for treating hormonal break outs, the only thing I will say is that it is very strong. So use it sparingly as it has caused my skin to dry up and flake a bit. It does work extremely well though, but it may not be the best for sensitive dry skin. 

Tea tree water Lush. I really like this toner I think you can see this by the horribly scratched label. It is very gentle and refreshing especially first think in the morning as it can completely wake up your skin. 

Eye make up remover 
Body Shop Chamomile eye make up remover. I have real issues with eye makeup remover, I must have quite sensitive eyes as even products that claim to be gentle cause my eyes to water horrendously. I love this product as I don't wake up in the morning and resemble as panda. It does have a very strong floral smell which takes a bit of getting use to, if you can over look it though it's a winner. 

Lip balm/ other 
Vaseline. I use this product as a lip balm, but my favourite use for it is on my eyelashes. Stay with me here, I use it as a conditioner for them. That sounds so strange but I have actually noticed that my eyelashes are thinker and longer. 

Clinique 7 day scrub. This is cheating slightly as this is a miniature, but it is really gentle and is good at exfoliating, you know just what you want a scrub to do. 

Lots of love
Harriet xxx

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Pop of pink

Guess what this outfit is inspired by! if you guessed Wimbledon you'd be right. I have always loved watching tennis, (emphasis on the word WATCHING, as I must be the worst tennis player on this planet) The outfits always look amazing, there is just something I love about pristine white outfits, they always look stylish and elegant. Another thing associated with Wimbledon is strawberries and cream, so it only seemed fitting to pair the white with a pop of pink.

I got these shoes from Primark recently to go with a dress I recently bought, I really like the colour and surprisingly they go with a awful lot of my outfits despite the fact they are pink. They are quite comfy, but to make this a more practical look I would probably wear my converse with it. 

I got this playsuit from Superdry, now I am always a bit sceptical with brands like Superdry as I don't like massive labels, I like the brands of my clothing to be discrete. Basically I don't want to walk around like a giant billboard. Having said that though I really like this playsuit as it is not obvious where it is from. The material is not too thin and not too thick so it covers without making you too hot. I think playsuits are so practical as you can throw them on and not have to think about what top goes with which shorts, as it makes the decision for you. I am going to Italy this summer and I think this will come in really handy as we visit the sights. 

lots of love 
Harriet xxxx