Thursday, 10 July 2014

Holiday skin care

Flying, the concept of it actually strikes fear in me. Not for the obvious reason, but because of air line limits! I have never been good as packing "lightly". I literally pack the kitchen sink and the fridge and who knows what else. This year will be different as I am using my clear make up bag as a measure, if it doesn't fit it need getting rid off. Harsh but it needs doing. So here are the skin care essentials, excluding sun cream. 

Nice and Easy dual action oil free moisturiser. Having oily skin finding the right moisturiser can be a actual nightmare as they often break me out or sit on the skin forever and refuse to sink in. This sinks in quickly also it makes my skin feel all tingly. It's one of those moisturisers that when it sinks in your skin looks amazing and fresh. 

Skin Clear Deep Cleanser. I cannot count on one hand how many bottles of this. I am obsessed! When I get near the end of a bottle I actually get a bit panicky that I need to get another one I also try to plan my day about passing a Boots to pick another one up. It helps with break outs and doesn't dry out my skin. 

Spot cream
Avon Skin Clear treatment. This is amazing for treating hormonal break outs, the only thing I will say is that it is very strong. So use it sparingly as it has caused my skin to dry up and flake a bit. It does work extremely well though, but it may not be the best for sensitive dry skin. 

Tea tree water Lush. I really like this toner I think you can see this by the horribly scratched label. It is very gentle and refreshing especially first think in the morning as it can completely wake up your skin. 

Eye make up remover 
Body Shop Chamomile eye make up remover. I have real issues with eye makeup remover, I must have quite sensitive eyes as even products that claim to be gentle cause my eyes to water horrendously. I love this product as I don't wake up in the morning and resemble as panda. It does have a very strong floral smell which takes a bit of getting use to, if you can over look it though it's a winner. 

Lip balm/ other 
Vaseline. I use this product as a lip balm, but my favourite use for it is on my eyelashes. Stay with me here, I use it as a conditioner for them. That sounds so strange but I have actually noticed that my eyelashes are thinker and longer. 

Clinique 7 day scrub. This is cheating slightly as this is a miniature, but it is really gentle and is good at exfoliating, you know just what you want a scrub to do. 

Lots of love
Harriet xxx

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