Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Pop of pink

Guess what this outfit is inspired by! if you guessed Wimbledon you'd be right. I have always loved watching tennis, (emphasis on the word WATCHING, as I must be the worst tennis player on this planet) The outfits always look amazing, there is just something I love about pristine white outfits, they always look stylish and elegant. Another thing associated with Wimbledon is strawberries and cream, so it only seemed fitting to pair the white with a pop of pink.

I got these shoes from Primark recently to go with a dress I recently bought, I really like the colour and surprisingly they go with a awful lot of my outfits despite the fact they are pink. They are quite comfy, but to make this a more practical look I would probably wear my converse with it. 

I got this playsuit from Superdry, now I am always a bit sceptical with brands like Superdry as I don't like massive labels, I like the brands of my clothing to be discrete. Basically I don't want to walk around like a giant billboard. Having said that though I really like this playsuit as it is not obvious where it is from. The material is not too thin and not too thick so it covers without making you too hot. I think playsuits are so practical as you can throw them on and not have to think about what top goes with which shorts, as it makes the decision for you. I am going to Italy this summer and I think this will come in really handy as we visit the sights. 

lots of love 
Harriet xxxx

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