Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Body butters part 2 Shimmery

These are my two absolute ABSOLUTE favourite body butters ever! There is just something about glitter and shimmer that just attracts me, I guess I am a bit like a magpie in that sense. 

Bathina body so fine Benefit 
If I was on a desert island and only aloud to take one beauty item I would take this. This is a solid balm that comes with this adorable little pink sponge puff ball thingy that you use to apply it. It has a beautiful rose gold shimmer running through it that is stunning. I like the put this down the front of my legs as it makes them look slimmer and also on my décolleté area as it highlights it. 

Boux avenue pink taffeta shimmer body creme 
This is another beautiful shimmery body butter. I would say the glitter is a lot more noticeable and I would be careful while I applied this other wise you may look like Edward Cullen if you know what I am saying. The glitter is a champagne colour and it has a lovely fresh perfumed scent to it, I don't really know what taffeta smells like but this smells lovely! I would say that this one isn't as great for travelling as it comes in a large glass pot, having said that though it looks lovely when displayed on your dressing table. 

I love me some sparkles!
Lots of love 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Body butters part 1 fruity

I am a very lazy person, especially when it comes to moisturising after a shower or  bath! I just get fed up of waiting for what feels like forever for it to sink in. Having said that though I have a select few that I truly love. This is a little series where I will cover my favourite body butters, from different scents to formulations and day moisturisers and night moisturisers. Starting with fruity. 

I love fruity fresh scents that are light and fresh. My two favourite in this category are the Body Shop Peach body butter and the DKNY be delicious body lotion. Everyone and their mother seems to own a Body Shop body butter, and with good reason they come in loads of different scents and formulas for certain skin types. The peach one is my favourite but there is also a space in my heart for the coconut one. I think the peach one smells like those Spanish peach sweets you would get at pick and mix when you went to the cinema and who doesn't want to smell like a sweet? Unlike many body butters it is quite a solid balm like texture that melts into the skin and doesn't leave you feeling greasy.

The DKNY apple scent it the epitome of spring scents so when I saw they did it in body lotion form I was really happy. I have the perfume of this and I love how I can moisturise with this lotion and then put perfume on without the scents mixing and smelling odd. It is quite runny and a little bit goes along way, as with the Body Shop one it sinks in quickly. 

I like using these scents in the spring time and also in the morning as they both sink in quickly. 

Lots of love

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My revision tips and tricks

I thought today I would do a different post to my normal make up beauty posts, so I decided to do a post on a topic that would be hopefully helpful to people. There will always be a time in our lives where we have to revise, just face it there is nothing any of us can do but accept it. As with everything though there are good ways to go about it and bad ways to go about it, and its about knowing what works best for you. I am going to stop now before I start sounding like a teacher, but I have done my GCSE's and am currently doing my AS levels so I have had quite a lot of practise revising in the past few years. I am not saying I am a expert, but these are the things that help get me through revision with as little pain as possible. 

First I decide what I am going to revise, some people make revision time tables but that never really worked for me as I could never stick to them. So I will usually make my decision based on what I feel needs the most work.

Then I will make myself a hot drink, usually coffee as revision takes energy trust me! Also I like to put some comfy clothes on like jumpers or pyjama bottoms, I don't really know why this helps it just does.

I then decide how long I want to revise for. I have quite a short attention span so I can't do more than 1.30hrs at a time, so I set a timer to do focused revision for that amount of time. Also decide what time works best for you to revise, as a rule I never work past 9 o'clock because after that time I am not productive and anything I do doesn't help me. This could be different for everyone though I have one friend who stays up till 2 in the morning revising and she manages to do amazing in exams. If that was me I would be like a zombie and probably fall asleep in my exam! 

What works well for me is to read through a text book, then read it through again only this time saying it out loud. You might want to be careful with this as I have been sat doing revision in my sixth forms learning centre and got weird looks for talking to myself. So maybe I would reserve this one for home. I then write down as much as I can remember from that page, and then check to see if I get it right. 

I also love making posters with loads of coloured pens and displaying then round my room so that I can read them when I am getting ready. 

My last tip is that to truly understand something you have to be able to explain it to someone. Yet again I am going to sound like a freak, but I explain what I have been learning to my dogs. Yes I know, I talk to myself and animals (not really selling myself here!) it works for Dr Dolittle and trust me try it, it really works. 

If you have any tips or if you found this in anyway useful please let me know...

Lots of love
Harriet xxx

Friday, 14 March 2014

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

The thing with foundation is that it is a unforgiving mistress, you get the shade wrong you look like a ghost or cheesy puff. Also if you don't get one that suits your skin type it may breakdown in certain places or it will cling to your dry patches. It doesn't make it easy for us does it. When you find the one though you never ever want to let it go! I will experiment with lip sticks eye shadows, but foundation is one of those products that I will just constantly repurchase. 

I needed a new foundation, so I wandered into Boots to get the usual Healthy Mix Serum. When I got there I couldn't find one. This is where I started to panic! I was wandering around wondering what I was going to do when my little sister goes "I've seen Tanya Burr use this one, why don't you try it". I am very glad I listened to her!

I got the lightest shade light porcelain which is the perfect shade for me, being pale I often find it difficult finding the right shade foundation for me, but this seriously impressed me! I thought I would go through the strengths and weaknesses of it.

It is light to medium coverage which I like as it doesn't mask the skin, it creates a veil over it which gives the appearance of perfect glowing skin. 
It has SPF 18 which is always a bonus as it protects your skin from the sun.
The shade range was very good especially from a high street foundation. 
It last all day on my skin which it oily/combination. 
This next one is going to sound stupid, but in my head it makes sense. I am forever losing the lids to my foundations which is a nightmare especially if I travelling with it. The lid on this foundation is bright blue and quite big which makes it easy to spot and less difficult to lose.
The price was also very good as I believe I payed £6.99 for it which I think is a very reasonable price for a foundation.

This is me really nit picking, but I am not a lover of foundations in glass bottles. I like the plastic ones as they are not as heavy plus with glass I am always paranoid that it will break.
The smell is also a down side, don't get me wrong it is not horrible I just wish it didn't have scent.

They are all my thoughts on this foundation as you can see the strengths defiantly out weight  the weaknesses. So next time you are in the market for a new foundation I recommend you give this a try. 

Lots of love
Harriet xxxx

Saturday, 8 March 2014

My Spring Face

I cannot contain my excitement, spring is finally here! Yay. The reason I know this is because yesterday my friends and I sat outside for lunch in the glorious sunshine, and I didn't feel cold in the slightest. With spring come pastels, florals, pretty dresses and spring make up. 

In spring I like to be a bit more adventurous with my make up, but don't be fooled my way of being "adventurous" is by using more pink toned neutrals and corals. I would love to be able to pull of bright out there colours, but I look like a little girl who has stole her mothers make up and had too much fun applying it, you know what I mean! 

First I started with a base of Rimmel Match Perfection foundation  in the lightest shade "Light Porcelain" (Review to follow) I buffed this into the skin using my all time favourite Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I then powdered with the usual Rimmel Stay Matte in "Translucent". Then I contoured using my Sleek face form Palette in "Light" I LOVE this palette I highly recommend it!

I took the lightest shimmery shade in my Wet n Wild "Walking on Eggshells" palette and put it all over my eye lid. If you don't have this palette as it is not available readily in the UK I would use the lightest shade in the MUA "Heaven and Earth" Palette. Next I took my favourite eye shadow of all time! "Paradisco" by MAC this is the most beautiful coral colour with gold shimmer running through it. I added this to the outer corner of my eye and blended into the crease. Then I took my trusty grey Avon eyeliner and tight lined my eyes. I prefer grey eye liner for the summer as it gives the effect of black without being as harsh. The I applied my Maybelline "Falsies Black Drama" mascara to my lashes taking real care to make sure they didn't clump (as my eyelashes tend to do).

I used my Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in the colour "Bashful" all over my lips, this creates a beautiful wash of colour with the added shine of a lip gloss. Also they smell like vanilla which is a win in my books! 

Thats my spring face. I hope you like it, I am going outside now to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Have a lovely day!

Lots of love