Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Body butters part 2 Shimmery

These are my two absolute ABSOLUTE favourite body butters ever! There is just something about glitter and shimmer that just attracts me, I guess I am a bit like a magpie in that sense. 

Bathina body so fine Benefit 
If I was on a desert island and only aloud to take one beauty item I would take this. This is a solid balm that comes with this adorable little pink sponge puff ball thingy that you use to apply it. It has a beautiful rose gold shimmer running through it that is stunning. I like the put this down the front of my legs as it makes them look slimmer and also on my décolleté area as it highlights it. 

Boux avenue pink taffeta shimmer body creme 
This is another beautiful shimmery body butter. I would say the glitter is a lot more noticeable and I would be careful while I applied this other wise you may look like Edward Cullen if you know what I am saying. The glitter is a champagne colour and it has a lovely fresh perfumed scent to it, I don't really know what taffeta smells like but this smells lovely! I would say that this one isn't as great for travelling as it comes in a large glass pot, having said that though it looks lovely when displayed on your dressing table. 

I love me some sparkles!
Lots of love 

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