Sunday, 23 March 2014

Body butters part 1 fruity

I am a very lazy person, especially when it comes to moisturising after a shower or  bath! I just get fed up of waiting for what feels like forever for it to sink in. Having said that though I have a select few that I truly love. This is a little series where I will cover my favourite body butters, from different scents to formulations and day moisturisers and night moisturisers. Starting with fruity. 

I love fruity fresh scents that are light and fresh. My two favourite in this category are the Body Shop Peach body butter and the DKNY be delicious body lotion. Everyone and their mother seems to own a Body Shop body butter, and with good reason they come in loads of different scents and formulas for certain skin types. The peach one is my favourite but there is also a space in my heart for the coconut one. I think the peach one smells like those Spanish peach sweets you would get at pick and mix when you went to the cinema and who doesn't want to smell like a sweet? Unlike many body butters it is quite a solid balm like texture that melts into the skin and doesn't leave you feeling greasy.

The DKNY apple scent it the epitome of spring scents so when I saw they did it in body lotion form I was really happy. I have the perfume of this and I love how I can moisturise with this lotion and then put perfume on without the scents mixing and smelling odd. It is quite runny and a little bit goes along way, as with the Body Shop one it sinks in quickly. 

I like using these scents in the spring time and also in the morning as they both sink in quickly. 

Lots of love

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