Sunday, 5 October 2014

Rosy Cheeks

I have never truly been a fan of blush, I think its because I have always had very pink cheeks that I have never really seen the need for blush. Things change though and I have become addicted to this cheek duo of Max Factor blush in Mulberry and MAC mineralise skin finish in Adored. Another reason is that Autumn is upon us and while I gradually start to phase out bronzer I have gradually tried to phase in blush, to give my cheeks a lovely flush of colour. 

 I think this blush is really unique as it is not very pink it has more of a reddy tone to it, with a subtle hint of sparkle. It can be used as a contour shade and a subtle blush. It hasn't got the nicest packaging but its what is inside that counts (cheesy cliches with Harriet). As far as the MAC MSF goes it adds just the right amount sheen and shimmer to the top of your cheek bones, making the apples of your cheeks look fuller. 

Lots of Love
Harriet xxx