Saturday, 11 January 2014

New note book

I write in a diary every year, I write about my thoughts, feelings and things that have happened to me that day.

I went into paperchase to get a notebook because I feel like they are the raining champions of stationary. So I went in knowing I would be able to find one I love. I saw this one and thought it was soo cute. Just look at it it's so beautiful!!!! And glittery. I am actually considering getting it in gold and blue as well. Is that bad?

I am also going to have a little blogging section in there because this year I am going to post at least once a week. Witness that I said that so I don't go back on my word, because knowing me I will stick to that for a month and then give up. So I am going to be strict with myself. 

What are your New Years resolution?

Lots of love 

This post is not sponsored I just love paperchase

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