Saturday, 15 February 2014

MAC Lustering

You know how I said I was looking forward to winter and winter makeup, well now I am fed up of winter makeup. I am so fickle! I have a plan though...

I always associate red lips with winter and pinky coral shades with summer. I don't know why I just do. So I went looking for the perfect transition lipstick and I found it in the form of MAC Lustering. It is the perfect combination of pink and red. The finish of this lipstick is my personal favourite finish lustre. Which means that it can go on really sheer and can be built up to a stronger bolder lip which is how I like to wear it. Now I know that MAC lipsticks are increasing in price all the time they are now £15! Which I think is quite a lot, but you are paying for quality and the amazing vanilla smell which makes them almost edible.

What is your favourite finish of lipstick? 
Harriet xxxx

1 comment:

  1. omg that is probably one of the most beautiful lipstick shades I have ever seen, need to save up and buy this for spring and summer. If you like this kind of shades I would take a look at MAC Impassioned, I am currently obsessed with it! xx