Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Walking on egg shells

I have a huge thank you to make before I start this post, three of my best friends went to New York last week. My friend Louise brought me back the ever so popular Wet n Wild Walking on Egg Shells palate and I cannot thank her enough! 

I have seen so many American beauty blogs talk about Wet n Wild and I have been so jealous that I can't get my paws on one, until today...

The colours are stunning there is a beautiful pinky champagne, a champagne and a deep brown bronze. All I can say about this is pigmentation, pigmentation, pigmentation. I am always a bit skeptical with high street eye shadows as they can look stunning in the pan, but you will put them on and it will just be a dusty glittery mess. Not cool. 

I think the brown crease colour is also a brilliant dupe for my all time favourite eye shadow MAC wood winked. 

I am now officially obsessed with this palate. I really hope that Wet n Wild comes to the UK!

Lots of Love
Harriet xxxx

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