Saturday, 16 November 2013

Autumnal nails

Without sounding really pathetic and stupid today I actually concurred one of my fear, of photographing my nails. I hate my nails to quote Mean Girls "my nail beds suck", but I only have my self to blame for this as I am a nail bittier. I always have been. I have done everything to try and stop, I have used that disgusting vile stuff you put on your nails so when you go to bite them you get a horrible taste in your mouth, but after a few weeks I became immune to the taste. I have worn gloves inside, got my friends to hit me every time they see me trying to bite my nails. I have no will power at all! I have always wanted to stop so less people would tell me disgusting facts like "biting your nails can weaken the roots of your teeth and cause you to have tooth damage" or grab my hands and go "your nails must really hurt", but these things worked as now I truly believe that I have stopped. Anyway onto what this post was actually about.

My absolute favourite nail polish is Barry M nail gelly nail polish in the colour Pomegranate. This colour is stunning, it like a deep red with slightly pinky tones mixed in with it. The formulation of all Barry M nail varnishes are really good especially for the price £3.99! Its so pretty, I also believe its one of those colours that would be quite flattering on quite a few skin tones. This is definitely my staple winter nail polish!

What is your favourite nail colour?
Lots of love
Harriet x

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