Wednesday, 11 September 2013

YSL Rouge pur Couture 35

I really REALLY love autumn winter, I know it may sound like I thinking too far ahead, but after the 31st August I get fed up of shorts and cute summery dresses and want to wear my boots and fluffy jumpers. I also get really excited about things like Christmas, snow, sledging, but I get most excited about autumn winter make up (not surprising really as this is a beauty blog) I have been on the look out  for the perfect red lipstick for I don't know how long. I went into Debenhams to take my little sister shopping, I just happened to be walking past the YSL counter and I saw this and I knew I had to have it! 

The colour is a real true red, it is basically fire engine red! It is also has a slight shine to it which is always good in my books as me and matte lipsticks do not get on. However much I want to like them them they just dry my lips out and cling to all the dry patches. The formulation of this is so smooth it applies evenly and doesn't sit in the wrinkles on your lips. I would apply a lip liner before this product for peace of mind, so it doesn't migrate and end up somewhere you don't want it to. Plus the packaging, its just to die for even the box it comes in is so pretty. 

There are only two down sides. One the price as I think £25 is a quite expensive for a lipstick, and two the fact that I have to use a brush to apply it with so it would not be the easiest thing to apply while I was out. Having said that though it lasted for 5 hours on my lips, this is way longer than all of my other lipsticks. I am so happy and when this runs out I will definitely be repurchasing it. The only other red lipstick I really like is Ruby Tuesday from Max Factor I wouldn't say it was a complete duplicate, but it is close.

Whats your favourite autumn winter lip colour?

lots of love 
Harriet xx

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