Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Back to school make up from the highstreet

In my experience school always comes around far too quickly, I have been off for a blissful 3 months and then BAHM I find out that I am starting sixth form tomorrow. How did that sneak up on me? The first thing that always goes through my mind is how should I do my make up. When I was about 13 and I started properly wearing makeup I would spend hours in front of the mirror thinking is this enough?, is this too much?, ugh what if I turn out orange and everyone laughs at me!. So I thought that I would do a post on natural make up that is suitable for school, from the high street. Wow that is a long title! 

Eyes: Rimmel London Scandal eyes Retro Glam mascara- £6:99 (It is currently on offer at boots for £4:99) At my school you were not allowed to wear eye shadow, so I would always a volumising mascara that would make my lashes look fuller yet still looking like they were my lashes and I wasn't wearing fake ones. This mascara is amazing at catching every single lash and giving a really fanned out effect.

Face: Rimmel London Stay Matte powder- £3:99 from Boots. This powder is really good at keeping your make up in place so it lasts a lot longer, it is also quite light so stops your make up looking cakey. Plus it is great for if you are having your photo taken as it keeps your skin matte and aviods shinny circles. 
Bourjouis Healthy Mix Serum- £10:99 from Superdrug. I LOVE this foundation it smells so good and has medium coverage so you have a nice cover of foundation yet you can still see you skin underneath so it looks natural.

Cheeks: Revlon photo ready cream blush in pinched- £7:99 from Superdrug. This blush is such a beautiful coral colour. The cream formula is also really good as it means that your blend it in with your fingers and it gives a very natural flush of colour. 

Lips: Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss- £2:99 from Boots. These tinted lip balms are so great as they only give you a tiny bit of colour yet you still feel like you are wearing something. They are also good at moisturising your lips and making sure they are soft and smooth. 

The price of all of these products comes to £21:96, Which isn't bad for a whole face of make up, I tried to pick things that are pocket money prices. If you have any back to school essentials please tell me I really enjoy finding new products.

See you soon....

Love Harriet

 Disclaimer-This may seem like a lot of products and I am not saying that every thing is vital I am just saying what I would wear, you can skip products out and add ones in where you see fit. 


  1. I've yet to try Bourjois foundation but always heard so many good things I need to sort this out!!


    1. It is such a great product I always repurchase xxxx