Sunday, 24 August 2014

Holiday Reads

So I love to read, I always have. I enjoy nothing more than curling up by the pool on holiday and reading a good book. I thought I would give a few of my recommendations on what I enjoy to read on holiday. 

The Girl You Left Behind JoJo Moyes 
This is by the amazing author of the book Me Before You, her books are so easy to get caught up by and warning they are real sleep disturbers! They are beautiful love stories that are a great pool time read. 

Plain Truth Jodie Picoult
This book is a mystery that literally kept me guessing to the last page, I have a real knack for guessing what happens (I think its all those crime dramas I watch!), I would really recommend it for an easy holiday read. It gives you an insight into the Amish life style and way of life and shows how life can change when two worlds come together. 

The Thread Victoria Hislop 
Yet another great author, her books are great as they usually jump between two time periods which keeps things really interesting. It is another love story (sensing a theme here!) it is quite a large book, but don't be put of by that I read in about a week and a half and I am not the quickest reader. 

The House of Silk Anthony Horowitz
This is a Sherlock Holmes book, that is wrote by Anthony Horowitz by permission of the Sherlock Holmes society. Sherlock doesn't really feature in the book as its main focus is John Watson, it follows him round as he tries to solve the mystery of Sherlock's death and the mysterious murders that are taking place. 

The Girls Lori Lansens
This story follows the life of two girls who happen to be Siamese twins, the books follows their life leading up to their birthday which may be their last, it give each one of the twins perspective and shows how different they are from each other. It is such a loely story and is sure to make you cry. 

Lots of Love 
Harriet xxxx

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