Sunday, 17 August 2014

Dry Shampoo: the good, the bad and the volumising

I thought I would review three dry shampoos that could be found on the high street to see which ones I think are the best. 

Batiste Dry shampoo in Wild- Batiste is the hands down royalty of dry shampoo, its every where! I feel like I am going to drop a real clanger here when I say I don't like it... I have tried to get on with, but I really hate it. It leaves an awful white residue which is highly visible in my hair and makes it look grey. I think if I had light coloured hair it would be more discrete, but it just makes me look like a badger. One tip I found was to spray the dry shampoo in your hair the night before and then when you wake up it is all blended in, but lets face it although it works it kind of defeats the purpose of dry shampoo for me. The one redeeming feature is that it smells nice, but that doesn't really make up for the fact I don't like it. I rate it 3/10. 

Batiste Dry shampoo in Medium- This is a whole other story! The colour match for my hair is really good, and it manages to make my hair look fresh and clean when I haven't got time to wash it. The scent isn't quite as nice as the Wild one, but it doesn't small bad by any means. This is definitely the one to pick up if you have dark brunette hair. I rate it 9/10

Garnier Ultimate Blends, The Silky 7-in-1 dry shampoo- This dry shampoo needs no residue what so ever, I don't think it works best as a dry shampoo but more of a volumising spray. It also leaves your hair really smooth and soft, like a spray on conditioner. It has a lovely vanilla scent, which is good if you like vanilla maybe a bit over powering if you don't though. I rate it 7/10

Lots of love 
Harriet xxxx

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